Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!  Here is my thankful list for this week:

~ hugs from my husband before he left for work.  He always gives me a hug and kiss when he is leaving after we say a prayer.  But this week I really was encouraged and uplifted by his hugs.

~ my big boy deciding he does want to try out for basketball.  He wasn't sure he wanted to and then Monday when I picked him up he was excited about it.  He's enjoyed practices this week and told me about the things he is learning.  He said they have had to cut some kids but he hasn't been cut yet.

~ the joy my little boy brings!  His smile is just so sweet and lifts my spirits.  He was being silly after lunch, and I was laughing at him.  He was waiting for me and I looked at him and he gave me his cute grin.  I told him you bring joy to my heart. He patted his chest with his little hand.  I said yes that is your heart.  (I didn't know he knew that.)

~ enjoying the time at my Mom's while my boys went to the deer lease.  I got to work on the quiet book I'm making for Titus.  I used my Mom's sewing machine.  It was fun to do and make some progress.

~ our country.....both having the freedom to vote and the veterans we remember this week as well.  This election has been just crazy...that's what I feel and what everyone else seems to think as well.  I have so many thoughts and opinions on that but I haven't written them down yet.

~ honesty.  We called to have our house sprayed for bugs after seeing some in the bathroom cabinet again.  We did not want the problem to become worse, and the man came out, looked around, and told us honestly we do not have a big problem and could just take care of it ourselves.  We wouldn't have known if he had just done the spraying and charged us the company's fee.  It was nice to have someone just be honest and tell us he knew he was losing a sale but money wasn't the most important thing.

I hope you have a nice weekend.  Thank you for stopping by.

Have a day of blessings!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

So many things to be thankful for. Wishing Caleb all the best with his basketball. That was very nice of the man to be honest about the bugs.