Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Giving Thanks Challenge

I participated again this year with making a list of things I was thankful for each day of November.  I shared these on FB daily (or a couple a day when I got behind).  I usually have several friends that participate throughout the month but I did not see that this year for some reason.

Here is my list from this year.  I like to save them on my blog and reread through lists from previous years from time to time.  (And it's January and I'm just now thinking to post these on here from my ipad where I typed them before posting them on FB!!)

November 1---Today I am thankful for coaches and the influence they have on young lives. When Caleb expressed an interest in athletics, I thought about what kind of coaches he would have. My own impression of coaches from my past wasn't the best I will admit, but I knew there were really good ones out there and wanted that for him. I prayed he'd be blessed with positive, influential Christian men like Danny K. and Pete M. Those were two coaches I knew of who were positive role models for young men.  I am thankful for the coaches he has had so far. As you see from my previous post, one of his coaches died last night and I never got to say thank you to him. So tonight I'm thankful for his coaches and the role they've already played in his life 

November 2--Today I am thankful for pretty afternoons to spend a little time outside with my boys. Oh how I love seeing my boys play together! Titus is so cute trying to keep up with everything Caleb does. They are both such wonderful blessings! 

November 3---Today I'm thankful for being able to watch my #50 play his first year of football. This has been such a wonderful experience for him and so fun for us to watch his team. It was definitely a learning experience for me too! Tonight was his last game of the season (we won 44-6), and we were blessed with the family that came to watch with us. 

November 4--Today I am thankful for the community in which we live. There are a lot of good people in our little town.

November 5---Today I am thankful for time to work on the quiet book I'm making for Titus. 

November 6---Today I am thankful for time my son and husband had together at the deer lease this weekend. I've enjoyed Caleb's stories of his time with his Dad, Pawpaw, Uncle Charles, and Uncle Cody. I know this time is important for him, and I'm thankful he has men like this in his life. 

November 7---Today I'm thankful for my essential oils and the benefits I've seen using them with my family. I had placed an order last week and was so thankful it had arrived this weekend when we got home. I enjoy learning about them and hearing of others' successes.

November 8---Today I am thankful that I live in this country and that we can vote.  

November 9---Today I am thankful for the little note my Caleb left for me on my mini chalkboard. I found it this morning, and it made my day.

November 10--- Today I am thankful for sweet moments with Titus..... when he looks at me with his pretty blue eyes and gives me his sweet grin, when I hear his laugh when I kick a ball, when he tells me "more, more" when we finish reading a book. I told him today he brings joy to my heart and he put his little hand on his heart. 💙

November 11---Today I am thankful for the day to honor and thank our veterans. It was great to see all of the programs, tributes, and flags. What a special group of men and women. 

November 12---Today I am thankful for beautiful days with my boys. They let me sleep this morning which was so nice. 

November 13---Today I am thankful for my amazing husband. I feel so blessed to call him my husband and to be loved and encouraged by him every day. I love walking this journey with him.  What a wonderful gift God gave me in my husband! 

November 14---Today I am thankful to be able to be a stay at home wife/Mom. 

November 15---Today I am thankful for time to read with my boys. Titus has his favorite books we read over and over. Caleb and I read books together before he goes to bed, something we've been doing for several years. 

November 16---Today I am thankful for sunny days and for the convenience of our little town's local grocery store.

November 17---Today I am thankful for the colors of fall and seeing the colorful fall leaves 

November 18---Today I am thankful that both of my boys are feeling better. Caleb had strep throat on Sunday and Titus went to the doctor Thursday with strep. 

November 19---Today I am thankful for time with family, seeing these cousins enjoy time together, and the yummy food we shared (we all made our own pizzas that were cooked in a brick oven....delicious!) 

November 20---Today I am thankful for the community Thanksgiving service our family attended and the beautiful reminder of the eternal things we have for which to be thankful.

November 21--- Today I am thankful for going to my boy's first basketball game! (Last Monday was really the first game but he had to miss it because he was sick.) 

November 22--- Today I am thankful for libraries and books. I've loved books for as long as I can remember! 

November 23---Today I am thankful for rest and relaxing. 

November 24---Today I am thankful for family and for Thanksgiving memories and traditions. 

November 25---Today I am thankful for productivity today and this week with online shopping. Hooray! 

November 26---Today I am thankful for visiting with more family and laughing together. Also I'm thankful for looking at our family pictures tonight and ordering one to go with our Christmas letter. We had many laughs taking our family picture this year.  I love so many of the shots and how they capture Titus' personality right now.  

November 27---Today I am thankful for coming home with my boys. The break was so nice and I can't believe it's time to get ready for Christmas now. 

November 28---Today I am thankful for hugs from both of my boys. 

November 29---Today I am thankful for lunch dates with my husband. As we waited for him we were walking along the sidewalk. Titus waved so big when he saw him and hollered Dada. It was so sweet!  Also for trips to the grocery store when it isn't busy and I have my little helper with me. 

November 30---As we end this month today I am thankful for normal, regular ol' days....days with laundry to fold and a water bill in the mail that I don't worry about being able to pay. Days with homework and fixing lunches and waking up in the night to a little boy calling "Momma, Momma" cause I know many who would love to be woken by a baby in the middle of the night or to have a boy to make a lunch with.  Over and over this month I've been reminded how many people are not experiencing normal, regular ol' days...death, sickness, injury keep these families from enjoying their normal lives. My heart hurts for these families, and I am reminded how quickly life can change for any of us. 

Have a day of blessings!


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