Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thankful Thursday

I look forward to Thursdays and going to football games. The season will be over in a few more weeks.

This week I'm thankful for...

~ how well my husband knows me. He knows when I'm tired to make me go sleep even if I don't want to. He knows when I need a hug or shoulder to cry on.

~ how my big boy is such a sweet big brother and always looking out for Titus.

~ our boy is 18 months this week. I wrote this little thigh about him on Facebook.....
Happy 18 months to this little guy!
He is just so much fun!   He has so many words now and loves eating pretty much anything.   It makes my heart happy when he squeals so loudly when he sees his Caleb walking up to the car after school and also how he excitedly races to the door when he hears Daddy get home.  He enjoys playing outside, going on walks, doing "homework" with Caleb, going to his Sunday morning Bible class, and helping Mommy put up groceries (usually finding something to eat!). He absolutely loves books and always wants us to read to him.  He likes stickers and drawing (mostly with his left hand, we will see if that stays the same!), has gotten pretty good at some of his puzzles, and knows a ton of animals, body parts, and the letter M. Everyday is a new adventure and I'm thankful God gave us you.
 I love you, Titus!  It is so fun to be your Mommy!

~ taking pictures with the boys in the pumpkins. Titus is so cute saying pumpkin and pointing at them in stores.

~ the fun time we had at Caleb's game last week. He had a bunch of fans with all his grandparents and one uncle there besides us. And it was exciting when he announcer called his name for a tackle.  After the game we went to eat pizza.

~ books, books! books!  I had an online Usborne book party, and this week I received my box of free ones for hosting a party.  We also found a few at our library book sale. And I ordered some from Scholastic book order. Books make great gifts!

Have a day of blessings!

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Sr. Ann Marie said...

Beautiful post! Blessings on you and your beautiful family!