Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday! I was going to type this post this afternoon and then Titus woke from his nap so I'm attempting to do it quickly now.

This week I am thankful for....
~ that we could go with my husband as he traveled for business.   I'm glad we could be with him.

~ my 11 year old boy!  Tomorrow he will be 12!! I was writing the letter of memories from the past year, and he's just such a wonderful boy.  I'm so, so blessed to be his Mom.

~ fun times traveling with our 1 year old (who is 16 months tomorrow).  He has done great.  It is so fun to see him in new places and to see his excitement about things.  He's a blessing and a joy!

~ trying new places to eat!  We've had some good food this week....and snacks!

~ being able to walk around to nearby places and not get lost.  I knew I wasn't going to drive anywhere but I've felt comfortable walking to the nearby mall with the boys.

~ cold water on hot days.  It is so refreshing to have my ice water.  My husband gave me a Yeti cup for our anniversary, and I've enjoyed it.

Have a day of blessings!

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Karen said...

Glad you got to travel with hubby and see some new sights! Happy 12th birthday to you son.