Monday, August 29, 2016

Come to the family table!

About the book:
In our busy world, family time around the dinner table is easily displaced by other things. Ted and Amy Cunningham call parents to a slower way of living that allows them to intentionally build into their family’s relational and spiritual fabric and into the community around them.

No more rushing to the table for a quick bite so we can get back to our other activities. Prioritizing mealtime slows us down long enough to enjoy our food, each other, and Jesus. Inspired by the slow food movement,Come to the Family Table seeks to encourage families with intentional strategies to engage one another and create the table as a space for practical ministry to their community.

My thoughts:This was a very enjoyable read for me.  Family meal time has always been a priority to me. I've read so many times about how important this time is for families and children. This book provides some wonderful ideas for families to come together and just slow down a bit from the busyness of every day life.

Instead of just rushing through the meal to get to the next task, event, etc. this book provides some tools to help families linger longer around the table....talking, sharing memories, asking questions, reading the Bible. The authors share personal stories that show the benefits of the family table.  Each chapter has a recipe to try as well as a devotional thought to share with your family.  There are also various "games" you can play as a family such as "The 'Or' Game" and "guess the object."  The second part of the book is how to help people at your family table. For example there is a chapter on being an advocate for marriage and your table can be a safe place to do that for your friends and loved ones.

I have really enjoyed this book and recommend it to you.  My family has already started using some of the ideas.  We read a devotional one night this week and played the "or" game.

Families have to choose to make this time a priority, but there are so many benefits of having this time together. Let this book help you and your family do that.

I received this book for my review as part of the Tyndale review program.  These opinions are mine.  Thank  you.

Have a day of blessings!

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