Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thankful Thursday

It has been a nice week for us as we are preparing for Titus' first birthday!  Things are coming together. We will have cleaning and decorating to do tomorrow.  His party with our family will be on Saturday at our house.  I thought about inviting people from church but thought it would get to be too big so we are not doing that.  I'm excited about it and look forward to seeing the family as we celebrate our one year old together.  

This week I am thankful for...

~ my husband calling me when he needed to talk about his frustrations regarding his job.

~ listening to my boy play his songs on his trumpet.  He has done so well this year and enjoys playing.

~ funny things my baby boy does, like rushing over to the fridge whenever he hears it open.  He gets there super fast.  He tries to grab something to eat.  Today I was putting things away from the store and he grabbed some grapes out of the bag and took a bite.  I took them from him since I needed to wash them and cut them for him to he wouldn't choke!  He was fun in the store today. He was holding the ketchup bottle to his hear and talking on it like it was a phone.  I told him I don't think he could call Daddy on the ketchup bottle. He keeps us all laughing with the cute things he does!

~ getting the first snowcone of the season with the boys after school one day this week.  It was Titus' first one, he took bites of ours.  

~ taking pictures of the boys in the bluebonnets. A friend from church showed me where they had taken pictures, and it was a great location without traffic.  I posted one below of just the bluebonnets.  

~ successful trips to town to do errands.  I went twice this week....on Tuesday and then again today to get some fruits for the party and wanted them to be fresh.  Both trips went very smoothly, and it felt good to be productive  

Some of the irises that are blooming in our yard


Have a day of blessings!