Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Wow it feels like spring here today!
It's been such a good day.  Titus has slept better this week which has helped me feel better. I've started making some plans for his first birthday party.  Tomorrow he will be 10 months old!!  I love that both of my boys have birthdays on the 12th of the month....Caleb in August and Titus in April.  So tomorrow Titus will be 10 months and Caleb will be 11 and a half years.

Today I am thankful for...
~all the years of Valentine's together with my sweet husband.  Our first Valentine's was in 1998 when he asked me if I'd be his Valentine.

~ being able to volunteer last Saturday with my boy.  He had a 4H service project, and we both enjoyed our time helping out.  When we lived in our old town, we had a place where we volunteered pretty much weekly in the summer together.  I've missed that and hope we can volunteer here again.

~ excitement of my baby boy about seeing the balloons in the store. For several weeks he has enjoyed looking for balloons when we walk through the grocery store as we are shopping.  I got him one for fun from Dollar Tree. It is a bee and so we've been saying bee and bzzzz. He looks for it when we ask him where it is.

~ beautiful weather all week long.  Will we have another cold spell before spring is here I wonder?

~ this passage:  I John 4:7--21. Take a minute to read it.

~ new microwave....Last Thursday evening I was heating some leftovers and smelled something funny.  I thought it was something on the burner because I was boiling water too.  I turned on the fan and it got much worse so I quickly turned everything off.  Thankfully my husband was here to help and got the microwave unplugged. My husband and son also were able to get a new one installed over the weekend.

Have a day of blessings!

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wonderful thankfuls