Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This will be quick tonight!  What a day and week it has been!  We've been busy, and my husband was gone one night for a work trip so it made the week feel different. Here is my list for this week!

~ my husband's concern for me when my phone didn't work. I was not at home and didn't realize the phone was messed up till I'd left. I could call out but could not hear anything on the other end. He could call me but we couldn't hear each other. He was worried and called Sprint to see if they could get through. After I got to his office, we went on his lunch to the Sprint store and they thought it was a problem with the hole where the headset goes. So it worked with a headset. Later in the day it started working normally again.

~ my boy's ideas to wear in support of  Red Ribbon Week. Each day they had a different theme and he had some good ideas. My favorite was on "dress like a super hero day" when he dressed like his Dad.

~ my sweet humming baby boy. When I rock him to sleep some nights he will start humming to me. One night at a football game he got tired and laid his head on me and started humming. It's so sweet!

~ receiving a box of clothes for Titus from a friend that her baby couldn't use. It is cute and perfect size for him for fall/winter.

~ being able to order things online to save a trip to the store.

~ having a shopping cart cover made for Titus. I am so excited to use it. I never got one with Caleb but wanted one and asked my neighbor friend. She made it up in less than a week. It is a cute Mickey Mouse pattern.

~ getting my car back (again!).  My husband noticed a spot in the bumper that looked like paint was peeling so he took it back, and they fixed it. It took a few more days, but we have it home now.

Have a day of blessings!


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