Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Marsha's Musings

This has been an interesting week for us. First on Monday I went to pick up Caleb's entries from the fair.  I was nearly there, and while I was stopped at a stop sign, I got rear ended. I felt the car jolt and looked back at Titus. He cried out when it happened like he was startled, but then was looking around and acting fine. My husband came as well as a police officer. The car has some damage that will need to be fixed. We are all thankful no one was hurt. And there were other things I was thankful for regarding this the fact that it happened on Monday instead of Tuesday or Wednesday when my husband was going to be out of town, that we have another vehicle I can drive, that we have another carseat Titus can use.

Other things I'm thankful for this week...
~  my husband's business trip being only one night. It was really hard doing all the evening stuff at home without him. It reminded me how much I need his help and made me appreciative of all he does when he gets home after working all day.

~ my big boy's leadership at See You At The Pole. We made it to school early Wednesday morning, and there was quite a crowd at the flag pole. It touched my heart to watch from the sidelines as the students joined in prayer.

~ my baby boy squealing with excitement. I just love his little personality, and his squeals when he is excited or happy are so fun!

~ attending the beautiful memorial service for my friend's Dad. It was so touching to hear the stories of the lives he touched as a coach. The coaches who shared spoke so highly of him and his positive influence in their lives, some saying he is he reason they became a coach and how he was such an encourager.  Also a couple mentioned how they never heard him say a curse word.

~ getting some clothes ready to take to the consignment sale. I'm excited to go shop at it too! I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to do for it. My Mom helped iron when she was here, and my husband cut out the price tags for me. Now I need to get them pinned on!

~ having a good trip to our niece's birthday party this weekend. She is 6, it's always fun to see them.

Have a day of blessings!

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