Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Happy April!  It is off to a warm start here, but I read the temperatures may dip this weekend.  We are praying for rain here.

This week I am thankful for....
~ my husband's help when I've been worn out. I can't list all the things he's done this week to help that I usually do...some of them:  stopping at the grocery store, folding laundry, making supper.

~ watching my boy at his first 4-H archery shoot. We did not know what to expect!  He did great we thought, and he had a lot of fun. Also, I am thankful for his excitement about the baby stuff and he questions he asks.

~ love shown to our baby.....the school where I volunteer gave us all of these wonderful gifts for the baby.  It was so sweet and we are blessed by the love shown us.  This time in 2 weeks we should have a baby!

~ clothes to wear that fit!  With the warmer temperatures I was glad to have a few pairs of shorts to wear and short sleeved shirts. I did not have to buy much in the way of maternity clothing besides a few things, and I'm thankful for those who shared their clothes with me.

~ the things we ordered for baby arriving this week.  Quick shipping!  The boys put the stroller together and the carseat is ready to be installed.

~ being able to help at the school on testing day this week. I felt pretty blah and like I was in a fog or something on Monday. But I felt good Tuesdsy and was able to help give breaks to teachers during the testing.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Have a day of blessings!

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