Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beginning our vacation (Days 1 and 2)

After Caleb finished swim lessons Friday we left on our journey. We ate lunch first actually before leaving town. We stopped for an afternoon snack of ice cream at Braums and continued on our way. As the scenery around us changed as we drove into East Texas, I thought of my Meemaw and our trips to visit her throughout my childhood. We ate at Baudacious BBQ in Kilgore. It was delicious, and I recommend it if you are in the area. We also shred a fried peach pie that was very tasty.
We arrived at the Louisiana state line about 8:15 p.m. We stopped at the visitors' center and took some pictures. 
We stayed the night at a Holiday Inn Express. The bed was soft, and we were all so ready for sleep! 
Travel day 2
The boys got up about 8. I slept well mostly but kept looking to check the time. We left town and headed to West Monroe. Caleb and I were playing battleship on paper. (This is a fun idea I found through Pinterst.  Here is the link  to print your own!)
He wasn't paying attention to where we were. Then we pulled up at Duck Commander.
He didn't realize it until we were in the parking lot, and we told him. We took pictures outside and went into the store. I got some balloons for his birthday party and t-shirts for us too.
We continued on our way, stopping for lunch in Mississippi after we'd visited the welcome center.
We took some pictures of the bridges and Mississippi River too.

When I tried to take Caleb's picture by the state sign, I realized my camera was not seeming to focus. I'm not sure the cause, but vacation is not a good time to have a camera problem. I'm glad for the picture capabilities of the phone and iPad!  

We stopped at the Alabama welcome center also. 

It rained on us for a while today. Part of the time it poured very hard and was hard to see.  Caleb read his books and books I'd downloaded from the library to his tablet. We watched for license plates from other states. Part of the time he watched the scenery.  He also looked at the maps and brochures he's picked up.
We had more rain after dark and finally made it to Tennessee! This picture was snapped as we crossed the state line.  

We arrived in Chattaanooga after 10.  

to be continued.......

Have a day of blessings!

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How exciting, your trip sounds like so much fun! Enjoy.....