Monday, August 26, 2013

Reivew: Homeschool Mom's Bible

Today I would like to share with you the Homeschool Mom's Bible NIV published by Zondervan. 

There are 365 devotionals in this Bible as well as a topical index and a place for notes. The copy I reviewed was a hardback version.  I thought the cover was nice (although I did take off the paper cover to avoid tearing it) and the size is easy to hold and not too bulky. The print was easy to read.  

I found the devotionals in this Bible to be very encouraging to Mom's who are homeschooling their children.  They were written by an experienced homeschooling Mom so other Mom's will be able to relate to her stories, experiences, and difficulties.  Reading from someone who has been there will definitely encourage other young mothers who may be just beginning their homeschooling journey. 

I was hoping the devotionals would relate to specific Bible verses that they were placed near.  However, they were just put throughout the Bible in no particular order.  There is one for each day of the year and at the bottom of each page it tells you on which page the next date can be found.

Personally, I would have preferred all of the devotionals to just be together in one book instead of interspersed through a Bible because the Bible did not have any additional extra features for homeschooling Moms.  I can imagine though that as a busy homeschooling Mom it would be helpful to have the devotionals right there in the Bible instead of having a separate book.  I did not like flipping around to find the correct days devotional.  Also, since the devotionals take up a full page I found it harder to find passages without the verses on the top of each page as they are in a regular Bible. 

If you are a homeschooling Mom I would recommend this encouraging Bible to you.  The devotionals are well written and to the point.  Thank you to the BookSneeze review program.

Have a day of blessings!

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookSneeze® program.

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