Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We are at Women Taking a Stand this month for Thankful Thursday.

Thank you for stopping by today. I have many things for which I'm thankful this week!

I'm thankful for....
~ my husband sharing about his day yesterday. He said it felt like a "good day" at work. He told me about some colleagues who had complimented him for his work and thanked him for the job he had done. I know that helped him feel good about what he is doing.

~ my son's morning snuggles.

~ able to do things with my son's kindergarten class. I'm working on a gift for the teacher and was able to work with the kids on it yesterday. I'm glad I know his classmates, and I like to hear them to say "There's Caleb's Mom" when they see me.

~ a week without tball practice! We don't have a game this week so the coach decided to wait until Friday to have practice. We have enjoyed extra time at home this week!

~ a good report at the dentist. I'm usually not nervous to go to the dentist but yesterday I was. I had a tooth that was bugging me, it didn't feel quite right since the last time I went and had some work done on it. Yesterday's visit was just for a cleaning but I told the hygienist how it was bothering me. She had the dentist check my bite. He did something and corrected it. I immediately could tell a difference. I was so thankful it was an easy fix.

~ a lovely Mother's day weekend!

Have a day of blessings!


Denise said...

Glad your dentist appointment went well.

Rita T. said...

You have a lot of blessings! Have a wonderful day.

Loren said...

Such a sweet thankful list...

I love those snuggles!! they are the best!

I am with ya on the dentist thing ...oy! HATE dental work!!!

Happy Thursday friend

Angel Muly said...

Love your thankful list!! Always love snuggles with my kiddos and granddaughter. So glad you had a good dentist appointment, I know how scary that can be!! Love and Blessings