Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3-7, 2010 is Teacher Appreciation Week. From my days as a teacher I know this is a great time of year to show a little extra appreciation for teachers as many of them are counting down the days until summertime with their students.

Do you have any ideas that you do to show teachers you appreciate them?

When I was doing my student teaching, one boy brought the teacher a magazine one day. The teacher told me every month on the first of the month the Mom sent her something at school. I loved that idea and have kept it tucked away to use when Caleb is in school. Some of the things I've sent have been a candle, holiday socks, stickers, sodas, and muffins we made. I include a little thank you note that says Happy ____(whatever month it is) at the top. I try to avoid trinket type teachery stuff because I know teachers probably get a lot of that kind of thing.

I look forward to reading your ideas of what you do or have had done for you for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Have a day of blessings!


Denise said...

Teachers are precious gifts.

Pamela said...

I give gift cards.
And thank you for being a teacher!! It's definitely not one of my gifts!!
After this year, seeing what goes on in a classroom, I appreciate teachers so much more than I used to.

sister sheri said...

What a wonderful idea!

We have a teacher appreciation week... and we were asked to bring in $5 gift cards to certain stores like Michael's. I bought bunch and donated them in honor of all the teachers I would like to buy gifts for... hoping that as they are all given together it will be much more than I could give to each teacher.

I so agree with the trinket thing... I think teachers would rather have working staplers and staple removers and wipe board markers and... the list goes on.

Last week the teachers had to be at school every night... due to our school auction and accreditation. So a friend and I chipped in and bought them dinner one of the night's.

For the next two years I have volunteered to be the "president" of the parent/teacher league. I pray I can be a blessing to the teachers by serving in this capacity.

Wow! I love my teachers!!!!

Laina said...

Just wanted to stop by and check out your blog. You recently checked out mine and left a comment. I really like your blog. It is very encouraging :)
God Bless :)