Friday, May 21, 2010

Flashback Friday

For this week's Flashback Friday we are talking about graduation! I had a feeling we'd have this topic soon.

I graduated from high school May 31, 1997. There were 58 in our class. We took a special picture for the yearbook of those of us who had been "together since kindergarten." We were a very close class and still are now.

We had an awards night a few weeks prior to graduation and that is where I found out I was my class valedictorian. (I debated putting this in this post. It isn't something I ever tell took me a long time to even tell my husband when we were dating! I told my Mom the topic and she said, "are you gonna put it?" because she knows me so well!) I was very excited to find out because I knew it was close for the top few spots. When I began working on my speech, I decided I did not want anyone to hear it before graduation, even my parents, because I wanted it to be a surprise. I included things about all the people in our class in the speech. The quote I used was from Corrie ten Boom----"Memories are the key not to the past but to the future."

The week before graduation we had a Baccalaureate Service at the local Baptist church. After graduation we had an all night party at the high school. We'd had events all year long to raise money. The seniors could earn points for volunteering at the events. The points translated into prizes for us for items for college, like microwaves and mini fridges.

My church had a graduation banquet to honor the seniors as well. That year there was a college graduate and one other high school graduate besides me.

I remember getting a lot of presents when I graduated. One special gift was a quilt put together by my Mom and aunt. My Mom secretly sent pieces of fabric and a pen to all different people from my life--teachers, relatives, classmates, etc. They wrote me a message and mailed the fabric and pen back to my aunt so it could be passed on to the next person. My aunt turned the messages into a quilt. It is a treasure to say the least. Many of the people who wrote on it have passed away since then which makes it extra special. Here is a picture of it: This is what my Dad wrote: This is the square Peepaw did. He called me "Sweeetheart." This one is from my Mom. (Pes is a nickname.)This one was from my senior English teacher.
Have a day of blessings!


Barbara H. said...

What a sweet idea that quilt was! What a memento.

Mocha with Linda said...

What a sweet idea for the quilt!

And congrats on being valedictorian!

Kristi said...

I am crying through this post. What a beautiful heirloom and treasure! I am going to have to start one for still my heart!

rita said...

So glad you shared your valedictorian story. Loved the Corrie T-B quote and the so meaningful quilt.

Susan said...

I love the quilt! What a special treasure, and it helps to keep the memories of the special people alive for you.

Debra Kaye said...

Oh Bethany, that quilt is just a treasure!! Blessings to you!

susansspace said...

This special quilt was such a wonderful idea! I know you'll treasure it always!
Thank you for sharing about being validictorian! I'm sure it was well deserved! Loved the Corrie ten Boom. quote, too!
Blessings, Susan

Denise said...

Such sweet memories.

quilly said...

What a special quilt. There is a square for each special person in your life and a prompt for recalling precious memories.