Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We are linking up at Lynn's this week for Thankful Thursday.

This week I am thankful for:

~ funny times with my husband. I love our silly "inside jokes" and how he can always make me laugh. Once I start laughing that usually just makes him say more silly things of course!

~ hearing my boy read. It is amazing to see the progress he has made this year. I pray he loves reading always!

~ lunch with both of my favorite boys this week. :)

~ living near a track and going for walks there. I've been doing this lately and really enjoy it.

~ encouragement through Christian music.

Thank you for visiting. What are you thankful for today?

Have a day of blessings!


Rocks said...

God bless your thankful heart! we need those "silly jokes" sometimes..don't we? and it's wonderful when you get to share it with your husband :)

Denise said...

I love your thankful list.

Pia said...

i also thank God for Christian music. i get encouragement listening to my them. stay blessed, bethany. ☺

Mylene said...

Love "the funny times with my husband." You are blessed to have a husband who can make you laugh. You wouldn't grow old fast :)

debi9kids said...

My husband is the same and sometimes, it's all i need to brighten my day. The Lord knew what He was doing when He paired us with men who can make us smile and laugh.

LaughingLady said...

Other than the "lunch with my favourite BOYS," line (I have only daughters), I think I could have written this same list!! I have a husband that makes me laugh, I have an 8-yr old who's just started to DEVOUR books and an almost-6-yr old who's just starting to figure out how much fun reading can be. It's so cool to watch her piece words together and see how excited she is when it makes sense!

Hope you have another wonderful week!!

Amanda said...

Wonderful blessings!! You always offer up honor and praise to your hubby and son... and of course, the Mighty Father!!


Rita T. said...

Great blessings. Time well spent with family is a joy.

susansspace said...

My thankful list is very long, but since today was such a fun day out with my crafts girlfriends, I'm thankful for friends you can share happy (& sad) times with!
Also thankful for your positive and uplifting posts, Bethany!
Blessings, Susan