Monday, April 5, 2010

Marriage Monday: Open topic

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This month for Marriage Monday we have an "open topic."

It's kinda hard to know where to start when we have an open topic today!

I'm so thankful for my husband. I try to make a point to encourage him and make sure he knows I appreciate what he does for our family. I'm very blessed to be married to my best friend. I love how he knows me so well and how he wants to make me happy. I'm thankful that we are partners to walk through this journey of life. We said in our vows to each other that we wanted to help each other on this journey toward Heaven. He really does that for me. He shares with me and helps me grow in my relationship with the Lord. It is a comfort to know he is walking beside me on this earthly journey. I'm thankful for his encouraging words to me. I love how he makes me smile. This weekend I was looking for a new dress for Easter. I do not like buying clothes for myself and rarely do, but Easter is one time I like to get a new dress (as tradition I suppose!) It made me smile because he walked through the store with me, giving me his opinion on certain ones I picked up. One went right back on the rack after he told me what he thought of it! Afterwards it made me smile that we had that time to share and he gave me his opinions.

Thinking about your spouse today, what has he done recently that made you smile? Thanks for stopping by!

Have a day of blessings!


Denise said...

Such a wonderful post.

April said...

Thanks for a great post! Seems like a lot of ladies are using this open topic to express gratitude for their hubbies! My husband made me smile today when he called just to see how my day was going.

heididh33 said...

That's really sweet!
I love that he gives opinions when shopping. My husband is really patient when I drag him shopping but he'd rather not give opinions on clothing, ha. His response is always, I'm a PE teacher (so he wears work out clothes everyday)- I don't know what looks good!

Anonymous said...

If your husband goes shopping for clothes with you, he's one special guy. That's so neat that he would help you choose a new dress for Easter! I'm sure whatever you ended up buying was lovely. :~D

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday again today, Bethany.

((Hugs)) e-Mom

Claudia said...

Beautiful description of your marriage. Would love to see the dress you ended up with.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

That's real love for him to go dress shopping w/you ;) But I'm sure he helped you pick out a great one. It's the little things, like what makes you smile, that make a great marriage. Praying many more years of wedded bliss for you two!

Constance said...

That's what marriage is meant to do, bring out the best in each other and see each other through the worst part of our natures. One of our purposes in being marriage partners is that we should encourage one another in our walks with the Lord! happy is the gal who has a Godly man!

Julie The Surrendered Scribe said...

Your post is a similar theme to mine. It's easy to forget the many things they do or concentrate on the one thing they didn't do. You give a great reminder that being thankful and remembering is the way to go.

sister sheri said...

My husband takes photos for my blog. I get to give him a request... and he shoots the pix for me. We are enjoying combining our passions.

Lynn said...

Delightful my friend,

Hug that man for me. Neat.