Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

Today we are talking about birthdays for Flashback Friday. (And once again I do not have any pictures. My childhood pictures are at my Mom's house.)

I've always loved birthdays, including my own. That's probably due to the fact that growing up my birthday was always a special time. One birthday party story I have always liked is one my mother told and I shared on Laced With Grace a while back.

I remember through elementary school many of my friends had their parties at the skating rink on Saturday mornings. I never had a party there myself. The parties with classmates I remember were at Mr. Gatti's pizza, the park, or our house. My Mom always made me a cake, which is something she still does for me.

One special birthday was when I was turning 9 in 1988 and in 3rd grade. My aunt was pregnant at the time and due on March 5 (I believe) a few days after my birthday on February 27. My aunt brought me a lamp with a stuffed pink elephant hugging the base, and I have a picture holding the lamp standing by her with her pregnant belly. On March 1 my Mom was volunteering in my classroom and was called to the office over the intercom. My aunt was going to the hospital and waited till I got there to have my cousin Chelcie. Even though we were 9 years apart, we always shared a close relationship. We had our party together many years and continue to get together on our birthday weekend even now.

I remember that on my birthday when I was in middle school I was out of town for a school trip for a science fair competition. We ate at Olive Garden on the way home. My friends ordered a cake and sang to me there. I always remember that when we go to Olive Garden now.

When I was in college, at the time of my birthday I had just started dating my husband. After I got back to my dorm room one afternoon, my roommate told me there was a message of a delivery for me. I went to the director and she had roses for me from my boyfriend. I was so excited! My parents were coming to town that night also and we were all going to a Michael W Smith concert.

Have a day of blessings!


Denise said...

I enjoy your memories.

Mocha with Linda said...

What fun memories!

Were you born in a leap year? If so was your mom worried you'd be born on the 29th and only have a birthday every 4 years?!

Joyce said...

Mr. Gattis...haven't heard that in a while. We used to go to one sometimes when we lived in TN...I enjoyed your birthday memories...have a great weekend!

rita said...

Great moments, so good to record them like this!
Thanks for sharing and for stopping by.
Yes, a father's handwriting becomes so dear when he can no longer write.
He just turned 89 and does not have long on this earth.