Sunday, July 8, 2007

Are you reliable?

What does it mean to be reliable?

A dictionary definition says: that can be relied upon; dependable; trustworthy; applied to a person or thing that can be counted upon to do what is expected or required.

We depend on things in our lives to be reliable. Water sprays out of the hose when I turn the faucet. The car will start with I turn on the ignition. Lights instantaneously come on at the flip of a switch. When for some reason water doesn't come, the car doesn't start, or the room stays dark, we may feel disappointment. Just as we depend on things to be reliable, we also want the people in our lives to be realiable. We need people we can count on to come through for us when we need them. The doctor will be there if we make an appointment. The mail person will deliver mail to my door rain or shine. A coworker will switch shifts with me to help me out. My spouse will keep his word to me.

Do you consider yourself to be a reliable person? What can you (speaking to myself as well) do this week to be more reliable to others? Are there any people in your life you need to thank for being reliable?

"Reliable friends who do what they say are like cool drinks in sweltering heat---refreshing!" Proverbs 25:13 (The Message)

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